Fascinated by the demonstrations of power and strength, Anne Cindric tries to represent them and to give to them body to show their appearances and weaknesses. Alumnus of the ENA (National School of Administration, the "school of power" in France), she puts a feminine and decorated look, where the decorative arts have a great part, on these universes of male domination.


She mixes various medias to represent a whole world, ambiguous, at the same time cruel and delicate, from tattooed torsos full of testosterone but stitched by red silk, fashionable African heads of state, heroes of fantasy, war people, knickknacks of the power, official productions, to the characters of video games or from the great history.


The work of Anne Cindric was presented by the Centre Pompidou, the Centre Pompidou-Metz, the Museum La Piscine in Roubaix, the Center of the National Monuments, the DRAC Limousin, the National Archives or the MUBA , Museum of fine Arts of Tourcoing. Jean-Yves Jouannais, former editor-in-chief of Art Press, and author of the Encyclopedia of Wars in the Centre Pompidou, dedicated her a monography. She was chosen as artist to follow by the magazine Télérama and the Huffington Post.


Anne Paris is represented by Galerie Laure Roynette in Paris.